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Chapter Nine: The Ferrari 360 Spider – and creating a new magazine!

(An Experience Report from 2010, my age 32) If you had asked 8-year-old me what I wanted to be when I grew up, “an author / writer” was the answer. When one of my school friends left to go to another school in the Juniors, we became pen pals, I would make little booklets fullContinue reading “Chapter Nine: The Ferrari 360 Spider – and creating a new magazine!”


Chapter Zero: Prologue

I’ve recently finished decorating my garage, and wanted some wall art that captured my previous cars and car experiences. I couldn’t find a photo frame that suited, but I did find an option of a collage poster print instead on Photobox, so I went for this: Looking at the photos like this, it fires offContinue reading “Chapter Zero: Prologue”

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