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This is my journal of life with Porsche and other motor Marques.

I love cars. They are my hobby. Cars are what motivates me to work harder so that I can experience the driving pleasure derived from driving these great machines. In 2005 at the age of 28 I decided to delve into the world of prestige motoring and purchased my first Porsche. It was a Boxster 2.7.

I joined a forum to discuss the fun (and sometimes pain) of ownership. As time went on, I wrote a few reviews on the forum about courtesy cars that I had driven and created a running report when I purchased the Cayman. These reports have been well received so thought I’d organise them all into one website so that others can read them at their leisure, should anyone be interested in my ramblings.

This journal was previously a running report style blog, but has evolved into a book style chapter-read. I hope you like it and find my articles interesting and informative. I write about cars that I have driven, been in or owned.

What do I drive currently?

I currently own a Jaguar E-Pace, which is our family car. In 2017 I purchased a Chevrolet Camaro (a Transformers Bumblebee replica) as a sporty weekend car, to celebrate my 40th birthday! I use this car mainly for shows and sunny day drives. I also have an Aston Martin V8 Vantage and a VW Beetle.

In the past I have also owned a variety of cars, from 4×4 SUVs, to sports cars, regular cars, old and new cars – quite a varied mix and you can read my views on these in the Articles section of the site, which I am writing (slowly but surely as time allows).

Anything else to know?

I was the founder of the club magazine for Supercar Driver, a UK supercar owners club established in 2010, and was their editor-in-chief until 2019. I have also had articles published in local and regional magazines.

I hope you enjoy my stories!

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